What We Do


Our focus is on youth learning and engagement.
  • Youth Program – in the process of developing an Afterschool Leadership Program (ALP) for Black/POC MS and HS students. Designed to strengthen cultural identity, help with academics, and provide enrichment and support through engaging activities and mentoring, our hope is to run a pilot program in late Spring, hold a fun summer camp and do a full launch in Fall of 2021.
  • In-school Presentations – develop presentations and facilitating discussion groups in schools (on leadership, racism, history, cultural appropriation, etc.) We are working with Bend-La Pine Schools staff on what this looks like.
  • Higher education promotion – help students understand why and how to enroll in college and how to secure financial aid. We are working with COCC and OSU-Cascades on this initiative.


Our focus is on business development and vocations.
  • POC Business promotion – provide support for both start-up and existing POC business, primarily making sure information about City and other business assistance programs get out to local POC businesses
  • Vocational training – (FUTURE initiative) develop video series for youth that addresses both soft and hard “technical” skills in a number of local occupations
  • Financial Literacy – (FUTURE initiative) provide opportunities to help youth and young adults understand how to start and operate a business and “how the system works”
  • Develop a Food Truck as a POC business – (FUTURE initiative) this multi-purpose vehicle would be a source of revenue for the organization and valuable job training for young entrepreneurs
  • Develop a Black Arts and Entertainment Studio for adults and youth – (FUTURE initiative) this hands-on facility would provide a fun and meaningful space to gather and learn about various occupations


Our focus is on new high-level initiatives that build and strengthen community.
  • Welcoming Week – develop and promote projects and activities including Backpack Giveaway (school supplies), serve on panel discussions
  • Law Enforcement Partnership – assist efforts within the Bend Police Dept. around DEI training, enhanced communication with POC youth and more diverse hiring practices
  • Film Series – (FUTURE initiative) develop a Film Series to educate and engage the community around issues of racism, diversity and social justice
  • Programs that amplify POC culture – develop programs and events that can be used for both networking and fundraising
  • Safe Space Community Forum – (FUTURE initiative) develop a forum or setting for people to just hang out and share experiences – to talk about what they are really seeing and feeling


As a result of our ability to learn, work and create, we are confident in our ability to grow. With support from/for the community, we will:
  • Grow more resilient – TBD
  • Grow our organizational capacity – by adding staff and increasing membership
  • Grow in our awareness – sponsor and hold events that make people aware of the discrimination
  • Grow in our independence and confidence – by having POC students believe in themselves and their abilities
  • Grow in our academic success – TBD with future launch of our afterschool program

P.O. Box 5008
Bend, OR  97708 

Tax ID: 84-2691067


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