Ujima Youth Program

Ujima: The principle of collective work & responsibility

Pass the truth to the next generation. Teach them early what we learn late.

The Ujima youth program combines elements of leadership, academic achievement, culture awareness, and self-care. We assist adolescents to find their agency, develop a growth mindset, learn avenues for career aspirations while being given the space to explore!

The Father’s Group offers weekly fun, nurturing, and engaging environment for students to grow and learn after school. Ujima curriculum helps inspire important life skills and instill confidence, fostered by caring volunteers and educators. Classes convene every Wednesday at the District Education Center downtown Bend. 3:00-5:00 pm

If you would like your child to be involved and would like more information, please contact us on the form below!

Our Upcoming Spring 2022 Semester Classes

Program Kickoff – April 6, 2022
Gives the student and family an overview of the schedule, curriculum, and other logistical information for the term and if you didn’t sign up online you can register as well.

Arts & Culture – April 13, 2022
Designed to give students an overview of the African Diaspora by introducing culturally relevant content, connecting students to African and African-American traditions, customs, and history.

Swahili Lesson – April 20, 2022
A mainstay of Ujima and leadership programming, students enough in dialogue using one of Africa’s oldest languages. While exploring the intersectionality of language, sound, and heritage.

Health & Wellness: Your Body Your Choice – April 27, 2022
An expanded learning experience from our first session to support youth as they prepare for work with Dark Horse Warrior in upcoming sessions.  In this session, students will participate in problem-solving and interpersonal skills development as they relate to personal safety in the community, give and receive consent in a variety of settings, and how advocate for themselves.

Woodshop Project – May 4, 2022
A hands-on learning lesson focused on woodworking. In this session, students will learn about basic woodworking tools, safety, and project work. The lesson will be centered around perseverance and focus, self-confidence, and developing problem-solving and mathematical thinking skills.

Social Justice – May 11, 2022
Offers insight into how social action has allowed for growth in our communities by using vignettes, literature, and social interaction to help them feel creative, secure, and empowered to engage.

Self-Empowerment – May 18, 2022
A hands-on learning experience to empower youth in developing leadership skills through mounted archery with Dark Horse Warrior.  In this session, students will learn about personal safety, creating opportunities to meet their own needs, how to give and receive consent working with animals and how to create art reflective of self.  They will be working on the development of problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and interpersonal skills.



Ujima Celebration

A Ujima community celebration! A party to celebrate and appreciate the students and families that participated in the Ujima youth program during the 2021-2022 school year.

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Our Winter 2022 Semester Classes

West African Drums & Griot Culture
Week one featured a returning instructor, Fode Sylla. Fode is a West African Drummer, dancer, teacher, acrobat and performer. He introduced our students to West African drumming techniques. Gordon Price, one of our board members also gave a talk on Griot Culture. For more info about Fode, you can find him at https://www.facebook.com/mandingvillagedrumanddance/

Intro into Swahili
The students were treated to an intro to learning Swahili. Students learned basic words and phrases along with some fun activities like how their names would be spelled/pronounced in Swahili. At the end of the session, Philip gave deeper explanations of the language differences from the different regions in Africa.

Body Image
Instructor Shandell Landon provided a dynamic class on health, wellness and hygiene. She provided our students with a multifaceted approach to hair care, skin care, confidence building and basic management of their day to day hygienic routines. Each student left with products, combs and more!

Music Production
Our very own President of the Father’s Group, David Merritt, was the instructor for this session! Being a Hip Hop performer provided David with the ability to teach the students about crafting lyrics, cadence, music appreciation, collaboration and rhythm. Students created one verse for their own song in this session that made everyone in attendance bop their heads!

Civil Rights
We were joined by Dr Dalton Miller Jones provided an in depth look into the cinematic history behind “Birth of a Nation” via a PBS documentary titled “Birth of a Movement”. This will be a continued series which Dr Miller-Jones will facilitate in an upcoming semester. 

STEM Exploration: Water Filtration 
Brought to us by Dr Herzog and Quentin Comus, this STEM program featured the principles of water filtration. Dr Herzog and “Q” provided a hands on practical lab for the students to test out different methods of water filtration. 




All Sessions will be at Bend La Pine Admin Bldg. (520 NW Wall Street) in room 230 from 3pm to 5pm on the following Wednesdays. Stay tuned for the announcment of our next semester. 

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