Ujima Youth Program

Ujima: The principle of collective work & responsibility

Pass the truth to the next generation. Teach them early what we learn late.

The Ujima youth program combines elements of leadership, academic achievement, culture awareness, and self-care. We assist adolescents to find their agency, develop a growth mindset, learn avenues for career aspirations while being given the space to explore!

The Father’s Group offers weekly fun, nurturing, and engaging environment for students to grow and learn after school. Ujima curriculum helps inspire important life skills and instill confidence, fostered by caring volunteers and educators. Classes convene every Wednesday at the District Education Center downtown Bend. 3:00-5:00 pm

If you would like your child to be involved and would like more information, please contact us on the form below!

Our Upcoming Spring 2022 Semester Classes

Program Kickoff – September 21, 2022
Ujima Kick Off introduction with The Father’s Group and the instructors for this Semester. More Info TBD

What Is Leadership? – September 28, 2022
Class taught by Shandell Landon – More Info TBD

Leadership & History – October 5, 2022
Class taught by Gordon Price – More Info TBD

Leadership & Skill Development – October 12, 2022
Class taught by Jake Roberts Info TBD

Leadership & Entrepreneurship – October 19, 2022
Class taught by Dark Horse Warriors. More Info TBD

Leadership & Photography – October 26, 2022
Class taught by Vamanos Outside. More Info TBD

Leadership & Self Care – November 2, 2022
More Info TBD

Leadership and Social Justice – November 9, 2022
Class taught by Dr. Dalton Miller-Jones & Kenny Adams. More Info TBD

Celebrating Heritage – November 16, 2022
More Info TBD

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